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How to use str_pad function with unicode string?

Tags: PHP 5.x PHP 7.x PHP 8.x

Data: Array of unicode strings (footbal in differnt languages):

    'футбол', // football in russian
    'ფეხბურთი', // football in georgian
    'хөл бөмбөг', // football in mongolian
    'bóng đá'  // football in vietnamese

The problem: Can not pad unicode strings to same lenght using buitin function


Wrong result: strings have different lenghts after apply str_pad() function

  football            |
  футбол        |
  хөл бөмбөг |
  bóng đá          |



Result: the strings have same lenghts after apply custom function mb_str_pad()

  football            |
  футбол              |
  ფეხბურთი            |
  хөл бөмбөг          |
  bóng đá             |
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